9 11 2009


RX7club Kryptonite

9 11 2009


From Roadsterdrift.

06 Colo-rad-o Flaver

9 11 2009

I miss these days! My grey car with travis’ od white FC…which is now my FC….love triangle (not rotary pun, fags)





The Gang Exploits the RPS13 Crisis

9 11 2009

its funny how many garbage hatchbacks there are…these cars arent hard to make super duper awesome-o

This is also my latest attempt to blawg again.

the bitch is back, wooooooo

13 09 2009

Like Jesus..but Blog

13 06 2009

In honor of BH quitting ziptied again. This blog is now going to be updated semiregularly. fag.

Danse Macabre

3 06 2009

This blog is a zombie with a bullet in the brain until I got back to Vancouver in the Fall. Too much fun to be had over the summer!